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Thread: How much is my Martin worth?

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    Default How much is my Martin worth?

    Hi all, i am new here... so I hope I am not breaking any rules by asking this question.
    Quite a few years back i received an old Martin M44 firecat from my dad for Christmas. He had it completely re-done and setup. This bow i think is older than me (20 years) and has never been fired (or dry fired...). It is in the same condition as new.
    knowing this how much would you say it is worth? I am only asking because i do not get to hunt very often, and when i do it is with a fire arm. Also i am big into jeeps and as of right now mine is broken. So i would just like to see if this is worth anything, because if it's worth a considerable amount i will use it to fix my jeep, if not i will keep it around because it is still a beautiful piece.

    Thanks for you time,

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    I would definetly keep it. Not ideal for hunting, but more valuable as a collectors item. I think the dollar value assigned would depend on the buyer. I don't think it would fetch a whole lot, maybe $400, but I could be wrong. It would be a beautiful wall-hanger though.

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    400 for a 20 year old bow I dought it. More like 100. You are lucky to get 500 for a year old S4 Scepter.

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    I was more thinking as the collectors item. Tere is a small market for the old bows, esp. the wooden ones, and steelcabled ones. Pro-Shops get them as wallhangers.

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    buck hunter


    you might be able to get 50-75 $ for it and possably more if you have a good arrow rest and newer sights you can get about 120$

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