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Bfish is too nice for one of my nicknames. I'll work on it though. Might have named himself....Late For Dinner?
Not a chance. I'm the chief cook and bottle washer in my house so I decide when and what to eat. Let's just say the wife isn't losing any weight. I won't comment other than that.

As for the Pantera? It's a really nice bow. I had mine with Nitrous X cams on it. Super combo. I used it very sparingly last year set up for 3D. At 27" draw, 53#, 267gr arrow it was doing 287fps.

Later on I swapped out the standard modules for mini-mods as it had C base cams on it so the performance was even better. The B nitrous fits my draw length better. I had notions of swapping the b cams from my ShadowCat,but then I'd have to make up new strings and all. Besides, by the time I thought of this I had already ordered the FireCat and I had somebody interested in the bow---right Alec?

By the way, I am only shooting 37# and 27" draw with the FireCat, using that same 267gr arrow and it's doing about 260fps. And being as my main goal is getting some muscle strengthback I haven't even begun to tweak the bow yet. Maybe in six months I'll be up to speed and shooting it at 50# (maxed). Then I expect speeds of 290-295 fps.

I might get froggy one of these days and stick the B Nitrous cams on it just to see how they compare. I have all summer to play and already have another bow for hunting anyway.