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    I added 6" home made extension to my 6" long Vibracheck stab. on my 07 Cheetah and the full 12" really steadies me out a lot faster and longer.. I was having a hard time sighting with the short ATA. If anyone else has this problem with the cheetah, try it out.

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    And can not comment to your problem. But do you really think it is a good idea to extend a vibracheck? I know some nice guys who added only an additional weight and the vibracheck broke off...
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    Sorry I wrote that out wrong....I never added additional weight to the Vibracheck itself.. I just extended the bolt.. I used 2 bolts and welded each of them to a 5/16 steel rod, in total when threaded it measures 12 inches.. I also put Black hose over the rod to make it look better. Nothing will break or can unless serious misuse is going on.
    This pic shows rod without the rubber tube over top.
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    Its good to have a properly balanced bow. I don't know how people can seriously call a dinky, light, innefectual, 6" piece of rubber a stab. It doesn't do anything to provide proper balance. Even when I hunt, I have a long (27.5"), heavy stabilizer. It really helps me to keep that bow as steady as a rock.

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