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Thread: String and Wheel Misaligned?

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    Honestly I'm not sure which I'd do. Well, yeah I do. Being as I rarely keep a bow more than 1 1/2 years I'd leave them alone. I think you'd be better off to ask whoever is going to so the riser. You might get into some problem with the radius of the string and cable grooves.

    And from a practical standpoint I'd get the press first. And as long as you're going Nitrous with the Pantera you need to go one step farther and get Nitrous X. Much better system than the cable guard. Ask Flytier17. He just acquired a Pantera Nitrous X.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bfisher View Post
    Ask Flytier17. He just acquired a Pantera Nitrous X.
    Yeah, I practically stole it off some sucker who was just too nice, and gave me the deal of the century on it.

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    Yes, the Martin X system is fantastic. No limb twist, no cam lean. Very easy to tune. And, i got shown a nifty trick to squeeze one cable to relievethe pressure on one limb to the point where I can time my cams, correct cam lean, and change a set of cables WITH NO PRESS!!!!! How cool is that!

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