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Thread: what bow should i get

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    buck hunter

    Default what bow should i get

    what bow should have gotten martin wildcat(just like the jaguar)or the martin bengal,or themartin rytera

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    Try them and see what feels best, what any of us prefer would not necessarily be the best for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buck hunter View Post
    what bow should have gotten martin wildcat(just like the jaguar)or the martin bengal,or themartin rytera
    Look, not knowing anything about you I can give you some sage advice. You sound like you are young and/or just starting out. Not knowing where else to shoip or what bow to buy you went to a chain store (Dicks?) and bought your WildCat. Did you shoot it first or did yopu buy strictly on price?

    I don't know what the WildCat is, but you say it resmbles a Jaguar. OK, I'll say that it is an entry level bow. There is nothing wrong with that as we all have to start somewhere.

    With Martin bows there isn't a whole lot of difference between entry level and midrange. In fact, they use the same upscale limbs on all their bows. Pretty much use the same cams and strings, too. So what is the major difference? RISER. Yours may have a cast magnesium riser or a machined aluminum with not many cutouts, and a fairly straight riser. All this means less waste and less machining, thus a less expensive price.

    Risers that are highly reflexed have to begin with a larger piece of aluminum block and most of this is machined away. This means more raw material that goes into the waste bucket. Thus, more expensive.

    The upper scale bows such as the Scpter and Mystic are just better shooting bows all round. There is more of everything that goes into them so they demand a higher price. That's why most people will settle for something in the middle such as the Bengal or Moab (2008 lineup). Then there is a notch up in speed with the FireCat which also uses a different cam system that costs more to design and machine.

    If I am correct and you are fairly new to the sport then be satisfied with what you have for the time being--maybe a couple years. As you gain experience you'll be able to choose more wisely and know what you desire in a bow. To gain this experience you need to get involved in the sport. Not just hunting, but joining a club and being around other shooters. Start shooting some 3D. You'll be amazed at what you can learn, and get some first hand help with shooting form, tuning and other aspects. And don't forget to have a lot of fun along the way.


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    buck hunter


    its me buck hunter and i ben shooting archery for 4 years now.and i used to shoot a pse bow and i am not familar with martin bows and i got the wildcat not long ago.martin bows shoot smother than pse bows

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