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    I have a 2007 Cheetah Mag M Pro cam limb sticker says 84.5" shoot string 32" cable. I have an F5 draw module. I shoot a 27.5" draw length. My cam is under rotated. IE: I am showing over an inch of track. Do I have the wrong draw Module? I looked at the 2007 PDF spec charts and it list F-3 27" F-4 28" and F-5 ( I have) as 29". I don't know if I should get the F-3 or F-4. I also do not know how to make a 1/2" draw length adjustment. I will tell you if you click the cam chart here in the forum you will see different info than in the PDF file. The forum cam chart shows a cable length of 31.5 and it showsF-4 as 27" draw module and F-5 as 28" Thank You John
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    Draw module has nothing to do with cam orientation. Sounds like your string is twisted a lot or the cables need twisted.

    Here's what I'd do. Try a combination of adding twists to the cable and untwist the string till you get the right cam orientation. You want about 3/8" of the string groove to show where the string coms off. Then check the bow specs (A2A and brace height). Also check the draw weight with the limbs bottomed. If these are reasonably close then just set the draw weight where you want it.

    Now, if you have a bow press move the string from the #1 pin to the #2 pin. This will add that 1/2" of draw you were talking about. Then put the #3 module on the bow. It should be close to 27.5". Draww the bow and see how it feels. Change to whatever module you need to. If you need to change a little, but maybe 1/4" then twist the string or cable, depending on which way you need to go. Twisting the cable will make it longer; string makes it shorter.

    When you're done then check all the measurements again for reference. Check and set the draw eight again. Actually measure the draw length. Remember this.... specs are not written in stone. Make the bow fit you and let the specs fall as they may. Just keep a record of what the measurements are in case you need to readjust anything in the future.

    I know this sounds like a lot, but do it in a methodical manner and all ill be well. Let mus know how you make out or if you need any other help.


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    Maine Wood


    Hello Bfisher Thank you for the help, I took the string and cable off last night the winners choice string was 84.25 but that was with a peep tied in. I didnt have many twist in (other than from from the factory) but I took it back about 2 twist. I had already put 5 or 6 twist in Cable I put 4 or 5 more in. Cam rotation is better. How do you know if you put too many twist in cable? BH is 6 11/16" and ATA is 30 1/4" I do not have a bow scale but I know I did pick up some draw weight. I am happy about that, when the bow was new it would pull 70-71 lbs. I shoot it with the limbs bottomed then backed out 1/4 turn + a little more one limb to tiller tune. When I put on the new string we checked the draw wieght and it was down to 66-67 lbs. Thanks for the help. Any other advice? John
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