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    I am going to buy the Martin Cheetah bow.
    I have no bow show in our province. SO I have to do this over the phone.

    I want to be able to play and adjust my draw a little to get it exactly what I need. Say between 27.5 and 29 "

    Also I wish to switch between a lighter weight for target practice say the lighter 55-59 range (which is 10 Months of the year here) and the heaver weight (65-70lbs) for hunting. (I want to buy it set at the heaver weight)

    If I understand correctly the Cheetah’s heavier Limbs run from 55-70 Lbs anyway. Perfect for the target/hunting change I want without having to change limbs.

    The Shop I'm ordering from is going to set it at 28 inches 70 Lbs

    How much adjustment in Draw length will I have with the modules on this bow?
    How much weight adjustment will I have with the set up modules?

    What modules will I need to achieve this level of adjustment in Weight and Draw Length?

    I was always told the Cheetah comes with modules included anyway??? IS this true even in Canada?

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    When you order remember to ask these questions of the dealer. The bow should come with a complete set of modules that range from 24" to 29". They are easy enough to swap if need be. If, however, one of the screw is behind the limb then you can do several things. Press the bow or turn out the limb bolts till there is enough slack to get at it. What I do is just grab the cable and riser and squeeze them togetherIf it's too much tension then I just use a zip-tie to hold the cable. You see more of what I'm saying if you have to do it. Again, the bows come shipped with a full set of modules (F1-F7) with lower number being shorter. F6 is for 28"

    Poundage? Not a problem. For what you are looking for just order a 55-70. If need be you can back the weight off a little more, but you should be just fine at 60#.

    FYI,, I usually shoot more poundage for 3D than I do hunting. With anything above 50# KE is not a consideration for deer sized game. Also when shooting 3D I get a chance to warm up and get the muscles loose. Something you don't often get a chance for in hunting situations. Heavy weight and cold muscles are what cause a lot of shoulder and neck injuries in archery. Just something to think about.

    Hope this does answer your questions, though.


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