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Thread: three weeks and waiting on firecat HOW LONG!!

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    Default three weeks and waiting on firecat HOW LONG!!

    I ordered the 08 firecat three weeks does anyone know what the wait time is? what would be the problem? im going crazy!!

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    Well, first off, who is the dealer? Are they large? Or is it a starter or small shop that have no large customer or dealer base? Was the bow a lefthanded model? Were there any custom shop options selected (ie. specialty weight like 40-55 or 50-65lb. range, as opposed to peak weights in 10lb incerements)
    Was the bow a target colour, or did it have customized colour designs?

    Have you contacted your pro-shop and inquired as to the expected delivery time? Did they give youy any indication as to the length of time you would have to wait?

    Most pro-shops take 2-4 weeks to have a specific order come in, perhaps longer for a smaller shop. I would sugest you wait till after 4 weeks before you get concerned.

    Don't get too excited over nothing. Unless you get bs from the dealer, or indirect answers that leave you in the dark, try to inquire nicely, without giving the manager or owner any grief that is undue. They will appreciate that.


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    See my post elsewhere here... you can follow my agony waiting as well. There is light at the end of the tunnel now. My order went in 31 March and it arrived 7 May. Those delays should be gone now however as I think there was material issues (as in not enough) and your bow should take the normal 3-4 wks.
    Trust me, its worth the wait-this bow makes my shooting look good PS your dealer, if a Pro Shop, should be able to track the status of the build of your bow. They have some thing they can check as the build goes from Tag made - Pre-Assembled - Ready to ship - Shipped and they can even check when the bow ships (as in time)!! Although, this just gets you angry at the shipping companies when it does ship!!!

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    Default firecat is in my hands

    i got it yesterday and i am digging it one problem i have and its not even with the bow my string nocks are moving so ive only got to shoot a few times now ihave to waite till saturday to get them reset

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