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Thread: ATA specs and wheel lean

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    Default ATA specs and wheel lean

    first time poster, trying to set up my new 08 bengal, and have a couple of questions.

    (1) can some one give me the ata and Bh specs, for some reason i cant find it on the martin site. right now ata is at 32 3/16, and bh is 7". I have seen the ata on this bow being 32" but that was in a catalog and i dont trust that.

    (2) while at rest this bow has a lot of wheel lean, when looking from the string side the string comes off the bottom of the wheel to the left of center, I mean just a glance is all it takes to see it.

    (3) this bow is loud i mean THUNK!! think the cam rotation is off, there is about 3/4" where the string comes off the cam

    If anyone can give advice on what to fix first and how I would be very gratefull

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    32" s right as far as I know. I wouldn't worry much about the 3/16 unless it is really bugging you. Shouldn't make a noticeable difference.

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    Twist the side of the split yoke that attatches to the higher of the two limb tips. Bring it eyeball close. THen, lay an arrow on the sides of the idler, observingthe different gaps between string and arrow on each side. Twist the appropriate sides of the yoke to make the gaps equal.

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    Should be 3/8" - 1/2" of groove showing. Twist the whole cable (not just yoke sides) until within the reccommended range.

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