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    Archer Dude

    Default My First Martin

    I recently got my first Martin Bow. It is a 2007 Pantera with the M-Pro single cam.

    It is steady in the hand and quiet and reasonably accurate to shoot.

    However, to paper tune and bare shaft tune and walk back tune, the rest has to be significantly left of center to get good results. The arrow when nocked actually angles left diagonally across the shelf about 6 or 8 degrees.

    I have 5 other late model bows of other brands, but none require a set up with the rest anything but very close to visual center shot.

    I generally have very little trouble with hand torque and I am a very consistent shooter and this Pantera seems easier to shoot than most.

    I am just puzzled why it won't set up with straight arrow flight near the visual center shot.

    Is this common for Panteras or other Martin bows? Is there a fix or something I should look for?

    I did have a friend with an older Bear model bow that set up this way but it wasn't a very good bow. This Pantera seems like a real nice shooter but the set up is goofy.

    With it tuned as described, I have no trouble grouping out to 40 yards so at least the arrows fly well, show no wig-wag in flight, and it is consistent.

    Best Wishes.

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    Are you a finger shooter? Finger shooters should havew it set up the way you describe.

    Does your rest have a horozontal tension, like a NAP Quicktune 750?

    Maybe you have3 fletch contact, though I don't see how you would still have good groups if this were the case...

    If you use a release; is it a single caliper? My Tru-Fire Bulldog gave me a heck of a time with string torgue. My groups at 20yds were about 1" vertically, and 7" horozontally.

    Maybe cam lean is playing a factor; common with solos. I don't know enough about the effects on your setup to give you more insight though, so you will have to get it from bfisher who will undoubtedly post here within the next day or so...

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    Archer Dude


    No fingers and using a dual caliper wrist strap release.

    Using a biscuit on this bow presently but biscuits generally don't cause me this issue. I have a biscuit on on a Parker that tunes at visual center. I suppose to verify the situation, I could put on a simple 2-prong shoot through rest and see if it tunes differently.

    Calble guard has cables easily clear of vanes.

    Regarding groups, I use a tall target bag with a painted vertical line. At various distances, I consistently hit the center line. I find this bag used at various distances a great tool to verify tune and consistency in my set ups. I watch closely for arrow wig-way and there is none. I get no drift from center at different distances.

    It tunes really well with some of the cleanest bullet holes in paper that I have ever experienced. It sets up very well and very easy; just not straight down the center where you would expect it.

    Cam lean is the more likely candidate. Just to look at it, cams seem fine but tomorrow I will lay a straight edge on the cams and see how they line up with the string.

    Thanks for the input.

    Best wishes.

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