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    m gardner

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    Recently some scumbag broke into my truck and stole my bows. I think they thought the cases contained guns, not bows. The problem I had is when I went to replace them I couldn't find 45-60 pound draw weight Martins to buy and couldn't wait becuase I had to shoot that weekend. I shot the MOAB and loved it but couldn't shoot it at the sweet spot it liked at 63 pounds. I shoot alot (300 arows or more a week) and am old and get sore at higher poundage. I now own a PSE bow because it was one of the few they had that was in the 50 pound range. It's a sweet bow. Why don't the dealers at least stock a couple low poundage bows?

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    That's a real drag, I Strongly Dislike thieves!

    You could have gone to Martin, and, requested a pair of 50# limbs +/-, then if you ever wanted to re-sell the bow, limb options offered with the bow deal will net most of your money back out of the bow!


    Just remember, Martin bows can be made to order, and, Martin Archery has the best in customer service....second to none!

    Over at, in the free classifieds, is where I found all the parts needed to build my '07 Black Ghost Flame, Scepter IV Elite...with Nitrous X cams...point is, if you want a Martin suited to you...just do it!

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