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    I always use my bow square to measure brace height. I'm not really worried about what it is. Just use the same tool from the deepest part of the grip to the string every time.

    Measuring A2A? Whether you measure from outside to inside, center to center, or inside to outside doesn't matter. The measurement will be the same. The only thing that might make it vary is whether there is any cam lean (limb twist) so you have to careful to measure it on the same side of the bow all the time.

    But if you shoot the X Cams this shouldn't be an issue either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flytier17 View Post
    On that note, how do you measure? From what point to what point do you measure the brace height the same as Martin does? With a square or a real ruler (beacuse they do differ, at least mine does)? Also, where do you measure the axels from? The center of the axels? The inner sides of the axel tips?
    Tecnically true BH is measured from the deepest part of the grip to the inside of the string at rest.

    The best way to measure ATOA is to measure from the outside of one to the inside of the other...this measurement will give you spot on AtoA measurements.

    But like Bfisher said as long as it is in the ball park don't worry about long as the arrow lands weare you look that is what is most important.

    BTW I have actually, purposley made my AtoA longer to take advantage of limbs that were to heavy and to shorten a given draw just a tad.......the draw part doesn't nessicarily work on parrallel limbed bows...think about it for a moment and you will understand why.

    As far as measuring BH measure it with whatever you have that is accurate a ruler should be fine.
    What I done to my bow square was to use some of that yellow ruler tape (only thing I know to call it) it imeasures a foot and then starts over again....anyway I put this along both sides of my square Its easier to read and accurate.
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