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Thread: A good Click adjust sight for an '08 Saber

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    Default A good Click adjust sight for an '08 Saber

    'lo folks,
    I was just looking for ideas toward a decent, mid-price, click adjustable sight for my bow. I'm getting tired of allen wrenches and just want something a bit simpler to dial in. Pin # isn't a real concern to me yet...... I'm new to the world of compounds and i'm still trying to figgure out what I like and don't like.

    Suggestions for rests, stabilizers, strings are all appreciated. I'm already looking at the MOAB or Firecat as my next purchase. That'll be a while though.


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    You're asking for a tall order here if you want a multi-pin that is tooless and click adjustments., especially mid-priced. What do you intend to use it for? If target/3D then a lower end target sight would work. For hunting? WOW!!

    Here's a suggestion. Why not go to a single-pin adjustable. You won't have tooless adjust for windage, but you have infinite adjustment for elevation (yardage). Mid-priced is a matter of interpretation so here are a few you can lok at and make up your own mind.

    HHA OL-5000 $100
    GWS Silver Talon $80
    Impact Cosmic $80
    Impact Quad $80 (multi-pin)
    True Glo Range Rover $70

    I've listed just what is in Lancaster's catalog and just the hunting sights, pretty much listing according to quality. I personally have the HHA for about 7 years now and no problems. I try to stay away from any plastic as I've broken too many plastic sights. I also tried to stay with what many would consider mid-priced (under $100).

    If you want a target sight then about the cheapest quality sight you'll find is the Sure Loc Challenger at $170.

    Hope this helps. Check back with anything else you find, and sorry for the delay. Most of us don't check this particular sub-forum too often. We're usually busy over on the Tech Forum.


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    Default cheap sight

    I bought a TruGlo xtreme micro adjust for $85 at BassPro. They also have a Razor model but thats $140. I love not using wrenchs! Just installed a Limbsaver modular stablizer and love how it helps followthru, I'm much steadier. Like any "hobby", $$$ pit
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    Thanks for the input, i got called away for work and didn't have time to thank you for the info before I left. I discovered my old 3 pin sight had a loose head and was rocking back and forth, just a bit, but enough. I bought a Cobra four pin site and "Bang" it was grouping within 2 inches and holding consistantly.

    I shot my first true robin hood on july 14th and then another 2 weeks later. Both times at 25 yards. I'm a really happy camper. Except now, i realize how expensive arrows can get.

    Now, I need a better rest.......

    Thanks again!

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