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    Hello everyone my names is MiKe currently living in Southern California originally from the east coast. I have been bow shooting since September 06. thats actually when I started hunting as well and I love it. My first bow was a Bear Pro Buckmaster (Before Primo)that I bought in a Wal-Mart in Newport Maine. After visiting my first Bass Pro Shop in Vegas I knew I was ready for an upgrade still shoot my Bear but I wanted a respectable Bow.

    With my 27 inch draw it was hard for me to find one instock and I tried them all but really liked the Martin Cheetah. So anyway I shoot everyday and I love my bow. On vacation right now so I went to Bass Pro monday and for 5 bucks I shot for 6 hours. The guys there are really cool letting my try everybow that they had on the shelf. At the end of the day though my trusty Cheetah remains at the top of my list. Except for a slapping noise i think is cause from my peep sight tubing being cut too short I am really satisified. I told myself if I am successfull this fall I am getting a new bow it will be a Martin. Listing to some of the threads I really would like to try the firecat. look forward to talking to some of you folks.

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    Welcome. I'm not a "senior member", but everyone here is friendly and will answer a question if they can. I haven't tried out the Firecat, but I did give it's cousin a spin today. You might like the Moab! I did.

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    Oh, and by the way, nice screen name.

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