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Thread: martin cheeta

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    Back to the speed-thing..

    I just found the link i searched for and it is in english also, wow. Someone want to try it? =)
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    I didn't mean shoulder. Obviously that is not an intended target, though now that you brought it up, it is nice to have an arrow that will still give you a chance even when a bad shot is made. But what I was talking about were the ribs. When a broadhead hits a rib, it usually breaks it or deflects. Either one takes KE out of the arrow, which could result in a slower bleedout due to less penetration. That and I hope to hunt more than deer too. Like moose. I have heard stories of guys who dressed a moose and found a broadhead lodged in the rib of the moose. It was a recent wound, but not fatal at all. Now I realise that there couls have been other factors like an underpowered bow used or a super-long range shot. But those are still BIG bones. I personally want to know My arrow has a etter chance of blasting through into the lungs. Look at the guys ging to Africa. They usually use a superlight fast arrow for springbok and gazelle because of long shots and fast reactions of the game. However when they are going for cape buffalo or zebra etc..., they use aluminums.

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