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    I'm new to the site. I bought a Firecat at least 20 yrs ago and I Just got back into archery Oct.2007 .After along rest I jumped into it again and I know that I made a mistake putting it down years ago. I bought a new Firecat 2 months ago and man it just smokes them carbon arrows. I've been to a dozen 3-d shoots and looking for a side quiver I have a right handed bow and am confused on right or left hand quiver to get. I guess I'm wondering is it better to have the arrows facing forward or backwards. Alittle help will go along way,. Thanks and keep them lubed.

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    You are referring to a belt quiver, right? If you shoot right handed then get a right handed quiver. The fletched end of the arrows face forward. OK?

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    Try what you like the best.

    I use a rRH-Quiver so that the fletching points towars the target and i like that because all arrows are always visible for me. Others in my archery club use LH-quivers to keep the arrows away from the bow and so on, has also some others advantages as you can not hit the other people shooting with you.
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