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Thread: Where near Denver Can I Shoot a Slayer?

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    Default Where near Denver Can I Shoot a Slayer?

    I am currently in the market for a new hunting bow and have shot the firecat, but would like to shoot a new Slayer with CAT cams to see how it compares. My question is the one pro shop in Greeley only has firecats, so where do I find a place that has a Slayer that I can shoot or do I need to have them order one for me to shoot, how does that all work?

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    Have you tried Tanglewoods in Denver? You're more familar with your area so I'll tell you there is a dealer locator on their main website. See if this helps you out.

    I'm not certain if Martin still does it, but used to be if a dealer (pro shop)asked they would send what bow is requested so a customer could try it out. Best bet here is to contact Jake or Joel at customer service and see what they say.

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    I contacted several of the pro shops around however none of them are able to order in a bow for me to shoot unless I buy it. The only other place that carrys the pro line consistently is in Greely and I wouldn't mind going out there, however they are six to eight weeks behind on getting bows from martin and the only one they have left is a left handed firecat.

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    I cannot find anyone who carrys a slayer. The Bow Depoy had two but they walked off in two weeks and now they are 6-8 weeks on backorder...I would really like to shoot one without having to buy it first.

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    Its a geographical problem really. Lots of competition from other bow manufacturers and little support from the pro shops that are supposed to be dealing with Martin (the Bow Depot being an exception as they really like the line and do a good job informing archers about it).

    I'm glad we were able ot get you to shoot a best thing would be to get you to shoot an older slayer (2007) and see what you think. The problem is that so much changed (cam and brace height).

    I do know someone with a 2007 Slayer with C cams and Mini mods though that lives fairly close to you.

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