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Thread: Cable Crossing - below or above guard?

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    Default Cable Crossing - below or above guard?

    Ive been getting vane contact on my 08 Cheetah using Blazers. Rotating nocks don't really help because then the vanes start contacting the rest. Switching vanes is not really sensible since Im getter really good arrow flight.

    I called Martin and was told by a nice lady that she has a Cheetah and has no problems using Blazers, and doesn't know of anyone else who is having the same problem. She recommended that I set up my bow to have the cables cross above the cable guard. Has anyone tried this? If switched, my cables would start making contact with each other.

    08 Cheetah, QAD Rest, 27.5" Easton Powerflight 500

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    I just purchased the 08 Cheetah around a week ago and have the same problem with the Blazers contacting the cables. I'm shooting Easton Epic 340. If you browse throught these forums you will see a lot of people having this problem so I don't know why the lady said what she said.

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    Really, I'm not all that ure that crossing the cables above the guard will make any difference. The angle from the cam/module to the cable slide will still be the same. It might make a differnce but I just don't see it.

    You could maybe find a different cable slide that pulls the cables cloer to the rod, but Martin's is pretty low profile as is.

    Let's face it. The only way to get more clearance is to find a way to pull the cables more to the side. Maybe you could get one of their stainless steel rods with a dogleg. Remove the carbon rod and replace it with the steel rod. Then you'd have more adjustment. The problem with this idea is that pulling the cables farther out will increase any cam lean the bow now has and exrt more side pull in the limb tips. Something to consider.

    Te other option, as I see it, is to give up on the idea of using a high profile vane. As much as the Blazers are touted by so many they just may not be the best for this bow. Frankly, this is just one of many reasons I don't shoot high profile vanes when I shoot vanes. I shoot Duravane LP-400's which are 3/8" high instead of 9/16 like the Blazers.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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    Looks like I will testing out some low profile vanes. Thanks guys.

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