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Thread: Arrow length and broadhead weight

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    Default Arrow length and broadhead weight

    This is a multi-part question, so bear with me.

    OK, this might sound like a dumb question, but I'm going to ask it anyway. I'm shooting a Martin Magcat with a 30.5 inch arrow. I just ordered a Slayer and I'm wondering if I should expect my arrow length to be the same?

    If that is the case, then using Beman's chart would the Slayer be considered a Hard Cam or a Medium cam?

    Assuming Hard Cam, the chart tells me that I should be shooting a 340 arrow.

    So, if I'm shooting a 340 arrow at 30.5 inches at 60 lbs. Should I use the 100 or 125 grain G5 Montec broadheads?



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    Arrow length does not change. Definitely hard cam. 100gr. would be fine. If I was hunting something big like elk I'd probably use the 125's.

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    Thanks. I had heard some rumors about certain arrow combinations being more likely to shatter because of using 125 grain broadheads. I just wondered if there was some kind of formula to go by or if it is really just a matter of choice.

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    You coul always err on the stiff side and shoot 300's, but honestly, the 340's should work well. I don't know where you heard that ugly rumor about arrows breaking because a broadhead was too heavy, but let me assure you it was bogus. About the worse thing you'll see with the heavier broadhead is that it might change the dynamic spine of the arrow, causing irratic arrow flight (with blades). But a carbon arrow is not going to snap or break because of what tip is on it.

    If you've shot them before you should have some knowledge that it's important to check them for splits or cracks, especially if you do a lot of group shooting and/or smack those arrows together in the target. Other than that, shoot a lot and have fun with that Slayer.

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    Thanks a lot! That was really helpful.

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