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    I Bought My First Bow Towards The End Of Last Year And Not Being Partial To Any Brand Ended Up With The Pantera. I Have Alot Of Friends With Bowtech But I Really Like Martin Now And Wouldn't Buy Anything Else. Anyways I Think There Bows Are Shooting About 10 To 12 Feet Per Second Faster Than Mine And Am Wondering If This Is Because They Have Dual Cams Where I Only Have One. And Also Is It Possible To Change Mine Out For Dual Cams Or Can You Only Buy A Faster Cam For This Bow. My Bow Is Set At 70 Lbs And Shoots About 263 Fps With A Carbon Arrow And Slows Down To 237 Fps With The New Aluminum Arrows I Just Bought.

    I Appreciate Any Advice Anyone Can Give Me, Especially Since I Can't Seem To Get Any Help Around My Town. It Seems All Stores In My Area Are Partial To Bowtech And Aren't Interested In Helping Anyone Out With A Martin
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    The MPro on your Pantera is not a speed cam, but it is absolutely my favorite and is so nice to draw. Yes, you could have Nitrous cams put on for example, (if you can find them) that will incur some significant expense and change how the draw feels. If you're using this as a hunting bow I'd shoot your carbon arrows at 263 and not worry about it. Unless you're going for a big time 3D set up to shoot from the blue stakes I'd probably leave it alone. Don't worry about the Bowtech boys or 10fps, just drill the X ring and enjoy. Nice bow.

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    I have a Pantera NOS X. I prefer the duals because of the tuning ease, such as nock travel and timing options. I also like the shoot-through. I would not have bought my pantera if it was the solo version. I think it is well worth the expense, esp. for 3-D. Good for hunting, but what you have now is more than enough as well. The M-Pro draws nicely too...

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    What the guys are telling you is true. The MPro cam is not a speed cam. It is meant for ease in the drawing process. As a general rule you get out of a bow what you put into it, meaning if you want speed you have to either shoot more weight with a given arrow or draw a harder cam. Either way, you the shooter have to expend more energy to get more speed.

    Here is a good comparison for you. Pick up one of your friends 70# BowTechs and draw it and then draw your bow. I think you'll get the picture real quick. The BowTech should be a bit harder to draw and harsher rolling over to the valley. This is the price you pay for the speed they get.

    But don't foget one important piece of data. Compare bows with the same draw length, too. Any bow will shoot faster with a longer draw length as the bow stores more energy. This doesn't mean you should increase the draw length to get more spee, though. You should still have the bow set for your body. Get too long on the draw and accuracy suffers. And as wwe all know, accuracy is what kills---not speed. In reality, it's pretty hard to tell the difference in POI when talking only 10 fps. Enjoy shooting what you have.

    If you must change to Nitrous cams, then look on Archery Talk for some used ones. You'll have to have the right length string and cables also, but it's not a hard swap. You'll need Nitrous c base cams for anything over 27" draw, and they would add a significant amount of speed.

    I had a Pantera last year set up with C Nitrous and mini mods. At 27" draw, 53#, shooting an IBO setup it was doing 287 fps. Just about perfect for ASA.

    The only other practical alternative is to get a Slayer or FireCat with the Cat cam, or even a used Slayer with Nitrous cams. If you want serious speed you have to look at serious speed bows.

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