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Thread: Martin Magnum Mag Cat String Lengths

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    Default Martin Magnum Mag Cat String Lengths

    I bought a used Mag Cat, that was originally purchased at Dicks Sporting goods. I changed out the module from a F5 to a F2, ten shots later the split cable broke (appeared to be overstressed at the hard corner of the module). Anyway I need to purchase a new strings and want to ensure that I have the proper lenghts. The only marking on the bow is Martin magnum Mag cat, if I take the arms off there is marking on their underside "5L" and "4/05"... I measure the existing strings but they dont appear to match the tech information on the martin website (split string was 35.5 and the shoot string is 87.5 furthest tip to furthest tip)
    any help is appreciated

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    All set the Magcat is the same as the jaguar shooting string is 87.5 and split string is 35.75, note that according to Martin the "tech info" page has a error in it.

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