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Thread: Cheetah Speed

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    That would be smokin fast...

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    Smile Cheetah Speed

    I have a 08 Cheetah set to 64#, draw module F5, Octane Pro arrow rest, D loop, Bow Jacks factory installed on strings, Stone Mountain Strings (from factory, don't know why) and Limb Savers on the limbs. I chroned at 248 with 371.8 gr Carbon Express Terminator Lites (includes 100 gr target point) cut to 25" with three blazer vanes. I use a Winn Free Flight release.

    Removing the draw stop will speed you up some and drop your nose level.

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    Default cheetah speed

    Well I have std string stuff, leeches/kisser/d-loop/tube-peep, and have bumped the weight up to 59lbs. I have installed a QAD ultra-rest pro and after tuning using gold-tip 5575 w/100g bullets with total weight of 372g using 2"vanes shot a 254fps average. When I upgrade the string will remove tube-peep and we'll see what that gets me. Oh yea, 29"draw. 29"arrows.

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