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Thread: stabilizer for 2009 Moab

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    Question stabilizer for 2009 Moab

    Wondering if anyone had a preference on the type of stabilizer (weight/length) for the 2009 Moab- This is the lightest bow I have purchased and the first Martin...Seems to be good without one, but it may be better with one as well- I took an old one off my Diamond and seemed to make it less stable???? A little to much what I call forward lean. Thanks in advance for any ideas, but so far the bow has preformed well, no hunting yet but getting ready for turkey season this April..

    BTW...The bow string that came on the bow seems good, any suggestions on changing it or any issues anyone knows about, besides standard wear & tear, stretching, etc..


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    I have a 7" Doinker multi rod on my MOAB and my daughter has a 10" version; I'm still up in the air which length I prefer.

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    I use a lot of different ones, but presently I have a 10 1/2" AEP on a 10* down quick detach which puts it right at 12". It's basically a very light aluminum tube with a weight that clamps inside the tube and can be adjusted back and forth for balance.
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    The longer a stabilizer you can handle, the more stable it will be with less weight. I never shoot a stabilizer under 10 ". I like the doinker carbon elite 11.5" for hunting. The supressor does a great job of eliminating any recoil and shock, and silences the bow a bit too. I use all 3 end weights that come with it. It weighs 12.3oz.

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    Thanks for the input and suggestions- I really like my new Moab, as I said this is my first martin compound bow, and it looks and shoots like a gem.

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