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Thread: Here's my "Special Edition" Scepter IV Elite!

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    Default Here's my "Special Edition" Scepter IV Elite!

    I call her a "Special Edition", because, I bought the used componants for this beautiful bow through some of the many fine members over at

    "A" base Nitrous X powered '07 Scepter IV Elite...
    5L-53# limbs
    27" DL
    Martin Mount ProTuner blade rest
    SureLoc Supreme w/Bullseye Millinium AP scope-TrueSpot lense
    30" Beiter Centralizer, 2x10" Beiter side rods, 17*x90* Beiter V Bar
    Inferno Bowstrings by LeEarl
    Personalized sight decal by Bowmanhunter, gotta have that "Bling"!

    This Martin Target bow is the sweetest bow I've ever had the pleasure to shoot, and, thanks to the members of the ArcheryTalk forum...she's a keeper!

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