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    river rat

    Default Martin Altitude

    How long did Martin make the Altitude and does anyone know the specs on the bow? How was it to shoot, etc? Why did they quit making it? Was it a model that had much trouble?

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    Default Well, here is one I can Answer ..Kind of anyway..

    ..I think they were made for two years 02 -03 ...I have an 02 ..great bow balance is very good .Hold is great.power is good I have a 26 inch draw and this is the best bow I ever had for my short draw ..the max draw is 29 ..which puts you closer to peak performance/power/speed ...I seen pictures of a guy who won a lot of target matches with it and claimed he could stack arrows with it. he showed a three arrow robin hood .. I did not see this with my own eyes . But, I have a robin hood with it ,first time for me. I am careful not to shoot at the same spot now.I don't have tons of money for arrows..However, the sales was not great for this bow as it is about 30 inch ATA ..and people think automatically it would be hard to shoot because of this .. Also, it is small light wt . of, course this is what I like about it .I once had a guy ask me why do you have a kids bow ? Ha Ha .You see how people who know no better think.. . this is a 70lb bow that kicks ***..I can carry it all day though brush or what ever .. It is a hunting machine ..I shoot squirrels out of trees with this bow ..It's a blast and one bow I won't sell .. IMO ..It can compete with most bows out there today..I think Martin should bring it back only build it more for short draw shooters . say with a max of 27 or 28 .It would be a great seller ..If they marketed it that way ...I HOPE THEY ARE READING THIS >> If you have a draw of 29 -25 you will like this bow ...
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    tood s


    300fps. ibo 3lb 10oz. 30" ata need more? i just bought one and i only worry about fletching clearance with the cables... this is really bugging me.. i hope its a simple solution..

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    Jimmy J


    The altitude is really neat to shoot with and fast enought for most shooting, canīt really understand why they stopped making it

    Wondering a little about the limb warranty though.
    Anyone know what kinda warranty and for how long it is covered on those 2003 Martin Altitudes ?
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    todd s- there are a couple of options for fletching these days and there is also nock tuning to help with the vane clearence issue. What is ther intended purpose of the bow, hunting, fun shooting, or target competition?

    Let me know and hopefully i can get you started in the right direction.

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    tood s


    hunting and some 3 d... blazers are not gonna work with this bow

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