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Thread: Cracked 08' Slayer limb (Washers?)

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    Default Cracked 08' Slayer limb (Washers?)

    I just recently noticed a crack in my upper limb on my 08' Slayer and had my dealer get a new set which came with 4 washers. There is a mention in the instructions about 08' Slayers that were manufactured before May 08 and how placing these washers between the limb and limb pocket will make the limbs more parallel. My concern is that my bow has 13" 3H limbs (55-70lbs) and I now have the bow set at 70lbs but most of the limb sticks out of the limb pocket; just don't like the way it looks. Also I now have like no valley with my draw, if my release hand moves a tad; I'm out of my let-off; plus my let-off no longer feels as light as it did. Any Suggestions? I just had my dealer (a very good dealer) put the new limbs on and tune up my bow today and these are the results; I'll be going back tomorrow to see what kind of Martin Magic he can conjour up. I have nothing but good things to say about Martin (top notch customer service) and my Martin dealer but this is a little discouraging. Any suggestions?

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    I'd bet on timing. Let your dealer have another run at it.

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    Does anybody remember the Slayer we had some weeks ago with the washers under the limb? I think it was one of those bows... Maybe we should not have recommended him to remove them.

    I agree with dbd that your dealer should take a look at the cam timing again.
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    I PM'd that member that had the same issue with the washers under his limb and told him about the instructions my dealer received with my new limbs.

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    For the valley issue; Try shortening the DL by 1/2" and moving the draw-stop out 1/2".

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    Thanks, I'll give it a try

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