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Thread: New Firecat!

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    Talking New Firecat!

    A pro shop finally opened in my area........and I talked the wife into letting me get a new bow. I picked up a new FireCat today, and I think I have gone to heaven! This is one sweet bow!

    293 FPS @68# 29" draw.............I am truely a happy camper.


    can't help myself....just had to tell somebody....

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    Hey congrats and glad you like your Cat. I've been shooting mine for about a month now and I am still amazed at how good a shooter this thing is for a short a-a bow. What is your arrow weight? I'm getting 288 fps @ 59#, 28" draw with a 375 grain arrow. Good luck with your new bow. There is some great tuning info over on archerytalk, I just got done tweaking mine a little more just a few minutes ago. Helped smooth out the rollover bump.

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