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Thread: Phantom Fuzion broken string

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    Default Phantom Fuzion broken string

    Hey everybody,

    I went to pull my bow out of the case today, and when I opened it, the string was snapped. I now need a new string and I have no clue what length I need.

    It is an older model Phantom, it says Fuzion Cam on the cam, and I believe it is a single cam bow because it only has a round wheel at the top.

    Can anybody help? I measured the split string and it was 40", and I'm not sure what the shooting string length is because it is snapped/unwound.

    I went to the order form on the martin online store, and 40" is not an option for the split string. The closest it gets is 39 3/4".

    Thanks guys!

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    At first i would recommend you to get a set of custom strings. Martin strings are not worse than the strings from any other bow manufacturer but if you buy some strings from string makers like Winners Choice, Bucknasty you will get maybe even better ones. Just take a look at their threads over on ArcheryTalk.

    I can give you some lengths for your configuration but i am not sure which one is the right one as i do not know which limbs your bow uses.
    Your informaton about the 40" cable was really helpful as i found a Phantom with the Fuzion Cam that uses a 40" cable.

    Phantom - Shooting String 97" - Split String - 40"
    (2) Hoyt PCEXL

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    Ok, so should I just go ahead and order the 39 3/4 split string since that's all they offer? Will it really make that much of a difference?

    I really appreciate the help.


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    I'd go to prostrings or bucknasty strings and order the correct size. Winners choice is a great string too, but pricey. Bucknasty is very good price-wise, however, I cannot personally attest to the quality of the string. But, several reputable members here and on AT have nothing but good to say for them, so I will go with their concensus. The strings will last longer and give you better performance too.

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