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    Default Martin customer service

    In 2004 I requested from Martin assistance in bow selection (via email).
    In 2005 I requested from Martin information regarding parts purchases (via email).
    Neither if the requests was answered.

    Later in 2005 I wrote a letter to the Martin president expressing my concerns about the lack of response to my requests for information (via snail mail).

    This letter was also unanswered.

    I can only conclude from the lack of response to these communications that Martin Archery does not consider customer service to be a high priority function of the company. Accordingly my business will go/has gone to other companies who place higher importance on response to requests for information.

    Thank you.

    Ed Blankinship

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    Thumbs down Being ignored !

    Callmaker seems like we are both rowing the same boat. It is beyond me how Martin got and maintained such a wonderful reputation when I see the complete disregard they pay to their own web site. I really wonder how or why they got it up and running. I keep looking back in to see when we get black balled. Or when they might check the mail. One more time SHAME ON YOU Martin Tech Reps.!! Fisher-of-men

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    Default customer service

    we try to answer all questions, letters, e-mails and phone calls but sometimes a few fall between the cracks, if there is anything you need give me a call and you will find that I will do anything to help! 1-509-529-2554
    -Joel Clark

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    Thumbs down I agree!

    Joel , I've just recieved a bow back from Martin that I guess you would say was "rebuiilt " Martin had the bow for over six weeks in their possesion , then after intervention by "miked " at Archery Talk I got a ltttle , and I mean little action from Martin in customer service , he contacted me and reduced the price from $70.00 to $60.00 and promised the bow to be returned by 2nd day air . He lied ! the bow was sent regular parcel post and took another Ten ( 10) days because of your poor communication in customer service ! When recieved the bow had new limbs and new cables and strings as promised , it also was sent back with some sort of mis matched cable gaurd system which was obviosly cobbled together out of left over parts . You were sent an operating cable gaurd with the bow , you changed the system but did not do the right thing with the gaurd , the cables rub together . Last but not least, after all that time and heartache with this bow , not only did you send it back late , and with an improper cable gaurd that rubs , you couldn't be bothered with doing something with the original "Gonzo Riser " so that it would look lik e something other than a "FRANKENSTEINER" when it got back to me ?
    all you had to do was strip and dip it , REALLY ! You guy's obviosly have little pride in your repair products
    Is it a money thing ? is it a time thing ? what the ****** is it with you guys ? I can't tell you how disapointed I am with this whole thing ! You folks have NOT !!! put your best foot forward with me ! You performed NO SERVICE YOU WEREN"T PAID FOR !!and your service was less than average !! to top it all off you don't return phone calls or emails ( most of the time ) and when you do your misleading or untrue with your statements ! Geeeze ! even if you pay for service you still can't get it ! I'm sending a copy of this to TERRY MARTIN via certified mail , just want to see if the right hand knows what the left hand is doing . You know , ....I'm not normally a "squeeky wheel " but you guys have bulled me for the last time ! You should be ashamed of yourself !
    BTW the name of the tech who did the bow was Joel C . I'm a finish carpenter and have been for over three decades , two things all of my peers agree on is , You're only as good as your last product , and your name is on everything you do ! as far as this experience I give it a a 3 ou t of ten on the professional scale. And at the end of it all, to add insult to injury ! You never returned the parts that were replaced or removed from the bow ie: limbs, cables, cams , these parts were and remain to be my personal property

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    Since my original post I have had extensive communications with Joel Clark from Martin. He has explained that the martin management has taken a firm stance on improving customer relations. They have gone so far as to make some people stand in the corner and others go home and contemplate their navels until their next job interview…elsewhere.

    Joel is taking on a lion’s share of the transition and improvement period until new personnel can be trained and positioned. This is a new position for Joel who is normally in the production side. From my experience he is making a stellar effort to get these past problems sorted out and resolved. That being said I would hope we would all have the understanding and patience to give time for these changes to have a measurable effect. In the meantime I have every confident that Joel and his fellow workers are making their best effort to find resolutions to the service problems in the past.

    Thanks Joel for the help and understanding.


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    I too have had communication with JoelC..and a few others in the company who have impressed me.. My one word for Martin Service? Outstanding... Yeah I've drank the Koolaid, but officially and unofficially I've dealt with people in the company. I'm a finicky persnickety none to nice person when spending "MY" money on stuff. Martin has dealt with me fairly and gone beyond. I think it is hillarious for anybody to ask for anything free, and it will never be me... I've set up customer service desks for companies as diverse as the department of defense and MCIWorldcom. I'm a former member of the Help Desk Institute and know a thing or two about customer service. I notice no posts criticizing the company have been deleted from their web forum. That says a few things about how serious they take customer satisfaction.

    Your mileage may vary, but I stand behind what I say.

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    Smile customer service

    I too was contacted by JOEL. And in all fairness I want to acknowledge that. While my original letters of questions seem to have fallen thru some of those cracks. It could be quite honestly due to my ineptness with these computer thingy's. My problems were not any major item and have sort of gone away with time. As I found and purchased a used bow which allows me to whale away for hours, someday I gonna grow up bigger and be a Archer. SO TO ALL WHO READ: GIVE HIM A CHANCE !! He is on new ground. fisher-of-men

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    Cool customer service

    In regards to Martin's customer service, I agree with Selil. thier dealings with me have been nothing short of Outstanding. Had a 98' Impala,riser broke-Martin replaced & sent back in time for me to win the Boise indoor 3D 99'. next year bow acted 'funny' they sent me a Brand new Cougar 2000 for $80.00
    Last year Martin replaced the limbs that delaminated. all but the $80 purchase of a new bow. was at no charge to me.
    So, this talk of Bad service doesn't sound like the Martin Archery I know of.
    I don't know if Scott Landweher is still with the company, but He did such an awesome job with me(replys and such). that I have remained a loyal Martin Shooter. Although the sweet siren call of Mathews conquest 3 and Apex, are making it hard on me. I am trying to see if the Razor X is as good as the Conquest apex for 3D & indoor tournys. but have to come up with a good justifacation to spend $800 to 1000 on a bow so the wife won't make me sleep in the dog house.

    Anyway sorry to hear about your bad run with service dept. hopes it gets better.
    --------Bowfinger A.K.A the bush thats kills deer

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    Montey Jessey


    Call Joel, **** will happen, thats a fact! He's a good dude.

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