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    hey, I've been holding off to get a new string because of the cracked teardrops on my 1987 (about) cougar magnum and, after the serving wore away because of my release and not using a D loop, the string got worn down. I still kept putting it off and finally the string slipped through the release jaws before full draw. I was wondering if anyone knows if i can get this string still from martin? i sent an e mail a bit ago and decided to post to see if i couldn't get a fast response. Thanks.

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    Do yourself a huge favor and get yourself some quality custom strings. highly reccommended among martin shootters here is Bucknasty strings. Great quality and unbeatable prices. I like prostrings, but have never seen the bucknasty's. Bowman custom strings also makes a decent set.


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    thanks. I will look into that. I'm not sure of the string length though. It has teardrops and i need the teardrops, string, and the cables. How could i find this? on the bow it says 40 i think... its worn off.
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    I've figured out more information. The string in between the teardrops is 42 inches. The buss cables i believe are steel. The axle to axle is 47. So all i really need to know is where to buy a string that will work and how to figure out the buss cable length/type.

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    Where are you located? Almost any bow shop should have a string of that length. However, they would probably have some generic string. They'll work, but would probably need periodic adjustments (twists added).

    You don't need to do anything with the cables if they are OK now. They seem to last forever.

    If you want a better string of good quality then look at some of the custom string makers on There is a whole section of them in the classifieds.

    Something else I'll advise is that you get a string made from Dacron or B50. Be very careful about this. Your older bow is not designed to shoot these fastflight strings made today. Doing so could and probably would end up with a teardrop tearing off the cable or broken limbs.

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    thanks. I need to replace the cables though. The teardrops are cracked really bad. There are circular things on the cable before i splits and goes to each side of the axle. The circular thing has a hole in it that the cable goes in to and then another piece is wrapped around it and then it hooks to the axle. idk if they still make strings for that part. thanks for helping!

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