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    I have been shooting short draw speed bows for the last few years. I have a 26" draw and shoot 60 lbs. My last bow was an AR35 SD and my current bow is an Elite Ice. They are both fast shooters, but with aggressive cams. I would like to get something that draws a little more smooth, but still has good speed. The AR and Elite averaged about 280-282 IBO 60lbs, 300 grain arrow with D loop and peep. I know the Leopard is rated at 280. Is this pretty accurate? Are there any Leopard shooters out there that can attest to the speed? Thanks.


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    My daughter has an 08 Leopard but it has the MPro's - not the mini's. She has a 27" draw length, 315gr arrows, 36#; D loop, peep and silencers on the string. 216fps.

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