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    Hello all, I have a new martin firecat pro x. It has got a chip out of the limb tip on bottom. The bow is less than 2 months old and they say it looks to be a defect. I had a firecat back in the early 90's and the limbs busted on it twice and I moved to another bow name. Has anyone been hearing about any others with this problem. I was hopping this one would be different but it is looking bad.They are going to replace the limbs but I don't want to be worrying about this all the time. And does anyone know what it would cost to step up to the 70 pound limbs, this one is 60, was the only one they had at the time. Thanks

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    You will get new limbs for free as you know. if your pro shop is willing to do so he can also get you 70# limbs instead of the 60#.

    there might be a minor problem with the limbs on the firecat. Maybe you can ask for a set of the new 2009 limbs. They should be more stable and have also a better form.
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    2nd that. The new limb have cleaner bottoms. And there is no additional cost to upgrade poundage. My Slayer was sent with the wrong cam size at first. I shot it while waiting for the right one. I liked the comfortable draw, and asked to step it up to a 65lb peak. No problem.

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