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Thread: Martin Bengal speeds

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    Default whats this bow rated

    for ibo speed

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    Default oneshot sports

    A follow-up on the speed of my 07 bengal (factory stated ibo spd is 320fps) I have tuned and tuned and tuned and tuned and super tuned and super tuned and super tuned this 07 bengal. 20 plus hours of shop time. The best speed I have is 272 with a 308grn arrow at 62 #s. SO I decided to shoot a 351grn arrow at 70 #s to see what my ibo speed is at a 29" draw the best I got with just a string loop on the string was 298.4fps. I don't think a 30" DL will get me to 320fps factory IBO speed.

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    Default not a 07 but a 08 bengal.

    sorry my years are screwed up right now!!!!!!!!!!

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