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Thread: Price for a martin jag setup

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    Well I bought the bow. I don't think I can get hurt on the deal if I do wind up selling it later. I do plan on getting back into bowhunting this fall so I'll see how that goes. I've been looking at buying one and for what this had included and the price it was hard to turn down.

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    i hunted with a jag for approx 9-10 years now and has never let me down i chronoed it when i bought my firecat and it still was shooting 500 grain arrows 240fps its a great bow in my opinion.

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    I haven't been on here for awhile but I did get out and shoot my bow a few times. So far it's a lot nicer than the others I've had. They've definately changed bows for the better over the last 15 years when I last hunted. I kept the draw length where it was even though it may be a little short for me. I can shoot all right with it for someone getting back into it.

    My first ten shots were only from 10 yards but I didn't miss the bullseye. I backed up to 20 yards or so and put everything in the 8 ring on up most were in the 9 or bullseye. I'll definately keep practicing but overall I felt ok for not shooting a bow in 15 years.

    I did pick up a couple of extra strings for it off ebay. They were advertised for a 2007 jaguar with a dyna cam 87.5 string 35.75 split which is what my bow has on it but I think mines a 2005. Even though it said for a 2007 they still will work on my bow right? They were Martin original strings and with shipping I paid $33.00 for both which according to the martin site they retail for over $50.00 each so it seemed like a good deal.

    I want to thank the guys on here that answered my questions when I was looking at buying my bow I do appreciate it. Especially bfisher. I definately will ask here if I have a question on my bow.


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    Hey Trapper. Welcome back Wondered how you were making out. Glad you like the bow. Sounds like you're getting along real well with it. You gotta make yourself a regulr on here. You'd be surprised what you can learn. Not that we're experts or anything. Just tons of years of experience.

    Anyway, nice to hear from you again. Thanks for thinking of us.

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