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Thread: Thermal V careful

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    Default Thermal V careful

    I picked up a Saber a few weeks ago and I gotta say I love shooting it.

    But after a few weeks I noticed the front side of the rubber grip started to split. I couldn't figure out what had happened. I hadn't dropped it or caused any obvious trauma to it so I thought the grip was defective.
    I wanted to order another one but was hesitant that if I did that it would happen again.
    Then I figured out what had happened. It was my wedding ring.
    The corner of my ring, which has a squared corned had essentially cut into the rubber.

    So just a suggestion to watch for anything you may have on that could damage the thermal grip.

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    looks like one more thing that gets ruined with marriage

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    Well first off welcome to the forum. I also have a Saber, it was my first bow and I do love how it shoots; it's very forgiving! As for the wedding ring, I understand completely, I didn't have an issue with it on my Saber, but mine wore the paint off the riser on my Onza... good thing she's worth it! LOL
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