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Thread: arrows for 09 moab

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desmond View Post
    You're right bfisher, Thanks for the reminder!!

    That's why I did calculate the weight of a complete arrow and came up with the following:

    29"X 6.9gr/inch = 200.1 gr
    point/bhead = 125gr
    3 Blazer vanes ( 5gr each)= 15gr
    Nock weight ( GT nock) = 11gr
    insert = 21gr

    Total finished arrow weight is 372grns which should be on the safe side. In my case my bow is cranked to the max and my weight scale is reading 66# of draw weight. Which also should give me a good 70 to 75# of KE.

    Will this be ok?
    You should be fine. Now go shoot and have fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bfisher View Post
    You should be fine. Now go shoot and have fun.
    Thanks fish!!
    I guess JT38off will be good to go to.

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