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Thread: how much is too much Brace Height?

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    Default How about this?

    Quote Originally Posted by scepterman30x View Post
    Cougar with 16" limbs are going to be about 40.5" avg. A/A length.
    I have a camo Cougar III that was custom ordered with SE limb pockets, 14" limbs, and Nitrous C cams. The brace height is 8.5" and the ATA is just shy of 34". The 6H limbs are supposed to put out 70lb, which I think is a little higher than actual. This may be a combination that could work, with lower poundage limbs. Mine is left handed and I could probably part with it for a reasonable amount if you are interested.

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    Did I ever tell you about my ShadowCat SE? Had it custom built in 2005, I believe. ShadowCat riser, SE limb pockets, 14" limbs, B NitrousX cams and mini mods.

    32" A2A, and 9 3/8" brace height. Quiet as a mouse. I even made a homemade STS and mounted where the cable rod would normal ride. String hits the bumper about 2" above the nocking point.
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