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Thread: Quieter: Firecat, Moab, Bengal

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    got the 09 moab and shot it for the first time today, very quite i may not put any cat whikers on it , that ccs is what the moab needed. it is a lot quiter than my 08 moab. martin should make it standard equip. on all there bows. i wish i could put one on my 08 bengal .
    See my recent post on Moab 09 CCS vs Bow Turbow. I'm raising the question regarding the posibility of adding a BT to a cable slide bow since it appears to do exactly the same thing as the CCS.

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    I just bought the new 09 Firecat and I love this bow. I had a 5yr old Hoyt before and I thought that bow was quiet. This bow is drastically different in design and man is it quiet. I have not had one problem yet with it and I am shooting about 50 arrows a day every other day as time allows. I am shooting at 63# on my 70# bow. I have only a sims stabilizer on the front but that is all. I really like it!

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    Thumbs up quietness

    i have both 08 slayer , moab & would noy have a problem hunting w/ either of them

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    I have both a 2008 FireCat with cable slide and a new 2009 Moab with the CCS. Both bows have the STS. The FireCat has Bow Jax on the limbs and the Moab came with bare limbs.

    All my shooting so far has shown the FireCat to the more quiet of the two. The difference is quite perceptable.

    That being said, I just added Jax to the Moab limbs yesterday and a cable rod dampener to the STS. This ought to quiet things down a bit, but I won't get a chance to test it till next week some time. Most likely I'll post up the results.
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