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Thread: Moab or Bengal???

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    After adding the hardware to the Bengal what is the price difference between the two bows?

    Thanks for your help!

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    i have an 09 bengal. It shoots great.

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    i have the bengal...and its a sweeeet bow let me tell you...and like u this is my second season as well so i upgraded from an old pse nova...and let me tell you its like night and day!! i found mine at cabelas bargain cave had a coupon that was on their website and they had a free shipping promo going my bengal shipped for 329.00!! way u can beat that bow for that price!!!...." best bang for your buck" a few years in a row now for a reason!

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    Thanks guys,

    I just want to let you know I went with the Moab. I got a killer deal on an 09 for 420 flat, that is tax and shipping. So for the extra 20 dollars I would have paid for a Bengal I upgraded to the MOAB. Thanks to all of you who helped me in my decission. This is my first bow. I will let you know how it shoots when I get it in. It has been almost 4 weeks , but I gues I will have to be a little more patient. Thanks again


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    Well, let us know when you get it and how it shoots. If you need any more help we're always around somewhere.
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