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Thread: Sceptor 4 too loud...

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    Default Sceptor 4 too loud...

    Anyone have any ideas, how to quiet'en down my S4? It seems to be loud when I shoot it.... Thanks


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    limbsavers, string leaches, string supressor...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coop View Post
    Anyone have any ideas, how to quiet'en down my S4? It seems to be loud when I shoot it....
    Not to be flippant but, unless you are hunting, what's the big deal as long as it shoots where you aim it and does not buzz your hands?

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    Default Sorry,

    should of said,,, this bow's for hunting only...

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    Bow noise is basically caused by vibration.

    Minimizing the vibration and movement of parts where ever possible will reduce your noise levels.

    The best way to identify where your excess noise is coming from is to remove all the add-on stuff. Sights, stabilizers quiver … (don’t discount the rest it may not be easily removed but it also be a source of noise)
    Shoot the bow and see if there is an improvement in the noise level. Work with the stripped down bow to eliminate any noise.
    Adding limb Jax will help
    I even put a limb sock over my limbs and that also quiets the bow down a bit.

    Ive found add string silencers to the stationary end of your cables also helps (Just below the split serving). Caution this may potentials slow your arrow speed.
    You can also purchase an aftermarket STS (Shock termination suppressor)

    Confirm you don’t have any wiggle in your axle clips they can buzz when the limb vibrates. A small piece of foam tape or a dab of silicone glue may help.

    Taking it to the shop and having them add spacer washers if they are really loose. Factory specs on these are pretty good these days so this is unlikely.
    Check draw modules to ensure none of those screws are loose. THey make a lot of noise.

    Now one by one start adding the peripherals back on. Shooting the bow after each addition and listening for any added noise. Adding rubber gaskets between the connections of these items may help reduce the noise level. Tighten all loose elements to ensure you have no “Buzz” from any accessory. You may find that your biggest noise source is one of these and if you can’t eliminate the noise look for an alternative product.

    There you go best I can do.

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    Default Thanks guys..

    I appreicate all the info...


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