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Thread: sts trouble? too short?

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    hey guys finally got my 09 moab set up. its set up cheap for now i just couldnt wait to shoot it anylonger. man is this bow sweet, superquiet, and faster than i expected, although i havent bought my own arrows yet im using my buddies. but any way i shot 20 arrows through it yesterday and when i was done i noticed the sts was a heavy 1/8 inch away from the string, when i first shot it you could barely see daylight between the two, so i tried to adjust it out to a snugger fit to the string and when i tightend the set screw, the set screw didnt hit the sts rod. is the sts toshortforis bow. i mean the set screw fell into the riser when the sts is adjusted properly{ about a business card thickness between the string and the rubber bumper}. so my ? is did my bow come w/ the wrong sts on it, maybe the one i have is for a bow w/ a 6 3/4 or 7 inch brace height. i dont know but i dont like the big gap, you can tell a difference in noise when its backed off to where the set screw catches the sts. literally its more quiet w/ the sts loose but almost touching the string. somebody please help>>>

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    Yes, it sounds like someone installed a short rod on yours. I just got my new Moab a few weeks ago and had to adjust mine. There was about 3/4" of rod inside the riser so this should be plenty. Just an educated guess but I'd bet you ended up with one for a FireCat. Me thinks you need to call customer service and see if they'll send you a new one.
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