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    I have had an X-200 bow for about six months now, and today i was shooting it like i do every weekend, when on the 12th shot or so i hear a faint cracking noise. so i took it inside and unstrung it and foud a thin crack in the wood about 5 inches above the riser where the limb begins. also it seem that the fiberglass removed itself from the bow slightly. Im unsure of what to do, and am worried about having to buy a new bow. I took very good care of it, never dropped or dry fired it at all. if anyone has advice or the people from martin can help, i would greatly appreciate it.

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    You'd better ask your dealer.May be they will replace it, if it's still in guarantee. Good luck!
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    I would give Martin's Customer Service a call Monday 1-800-541-8902. Not sure what the warrenty on recurves is but compounds are 10 yrs.

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