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Thread: Recently Bought a Bow and need info

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    I recently bought a Martin Altitude Magnum (2004 model i believe). I got it fully loaded, limbsaver stabilizer, hostage rest, peep, 3pin, and limbsaver quads, for $100 in literally perfect condition.

    I am looking for info on this bow, and would like to hear form anyone who has, or has ever had, this bow. It's my first ever compound, and so far it's shooting 405 grain arrows at 286fps... is this about standard? Are there any details that i need to know about this bow? Is there a difference between the fuzion cam (which it comes with) and the dyna cam which i've heard is designed for speed.

    oh, and can i still buy replacement cams/strings for it?

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    I own one now. What all do you want to know? Strings you can get from a martin dealer. 30 ata 301 ibo 6 3/4 " brace height. Very quiet bow. Takes some getting used to though due to the short ata. i get 267 fps and i shoot 417 gr arrow with a quick tune 4000 fall away rest. I do know that you will have fletching clearance problems if you try to use Blazer vanes, unless you use a fall away rest. Peep placement is a pain also due to string angle. If you have alot of time to really tune this bow it can be a real tack driver. I know my is awesome in that i can get 3" groups of 4 arrows at 30 yds. I just ordered a new 2009 firecat and i'm so ready to see what that bow has to offer compare to my altitude. Hold on to that altitude because they are becoming a rare find, and may become a collector item type bow.

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    well that's certainly worth knowing... it seems that i got a pretty good deal.

    honestly i don't have any specifics that i'd like to know. I'd just like general impressions of owners, and maybe some pictures... i'll start

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    I joined Martin' staff in 2004 so can tell you that your bow is not a 2004 model. Also, the cam appears to be Fuzion cam and that wasn't offered in 2004 either. Yours is a 2003 or earlier. That is ll I can tell you about it. You might find more info on Martin's home website. Look at the 2003 catalog and/or tech info for that year and model.
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