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Thread: HELP, for Old "A" Warthog Magnum

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    Dave K

    Default HELP, for Old "A" Warthog Magnum

    I am desperate for different wheels for this old Warthog. Though the tag on the limb says 29"-31" draw, there are no slots in the wheels to adjust the draw. The wheels are 2 1/2" by 3/8" and the bow is just to long a draw for me at 31". I need to reduce it to 29". I know it is an old bow, but I had one like this I bought new in '86 and I liked it then and needed to find another, so here it is. I am certain wheels from a Cougar 11 Magnum will also work. Any leads? I would buy the whole bow if priced reasonable, either a Warthog or Cougar 11. Please PM me if that is more comfortable for you. HELP!

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    I'd go over to archerytalk and give it a try - there are far more bodies that frequent that site compared to this one.

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