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Thread: New Martin user...

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    yeah.. basically what I am saying is I can't see the sight housing threw my peep... when I look threw it the hole in the peep is smaller than the site housing.. so I kind of estimate that the peep is centered..

    if this pic works its basicly what I am seeing.. if the red ring was the site ring and the blue was my peep... so what I was asking is .... would it be better to have a larger peep so it would be reversed and I could see the site ring inside.. because right now I am just guessing that the peep and site ring are equal...

    this is what I am seeing now...

    but wouldn't this be smarter...

    this way the blue ring is the site and the red is the peep.. then I can make sure the sight housing is centered to the peep.. ?

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    I can't see the photos. My filterpak blocks photobucket and a lot of picture hosters. Can you put them up as attached thumbnails?


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    ok I will try this... so in this image..

    site ring.jpg

    is basically what I am seeing... with the blue ring being my peep and I am trying to guess that it is centered in the sight...

    so I am basically just seeing this... (the blue ring being just my peep) can't see the sight housing at all..


    so I am just asking would it be better if I looked threw the peep and actually saw the housing of the sight.. that way I could make sure everything is centered..

    like this pick.. now reviersed if the red was my peep and the blue was my sight.. it just seems easier to make sure that the peep is lined up when u can see the housing of the sight..


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    I know its a stupid question.. but I figured someone could answer it! lol hello?? anyone out there?

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    Sorry, I must've missed your last post. Yes, your last diagram is desired. Thats my sight picture right there.


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    I finally took the time to see what was going on here. Alec answered it. I"ll expand a little. YES, you should get a larger peep. You can use one of several. G5 Meta peep comes in sizes up to 5/16". Fletcher goes as large as 1/4" to my knowledge. You can always try a Specialty ball peep which accepts different size threaded inserts. I've used them all or should I say USE them all and my choice would be the Fletcher simply due to the cost and the fact that they all do the same thing.

    Of course all the info you are getting assumes you are not using a peep with a tube aligner. If you are then you need to just get a larger one.

    It's hard to say which size you will need. Such things as draw length and how far the peep is from your eye, and the distance between the peep and the sight all have a bearing on which size to use. You really need to go to the shop and try them on for size. However, being as your eye will almost always want to center in the peep this is one of those cases where bigger can be better. You may lose a bit of accuracy by having one too large, but not as much as some may think. You just have to play around with getting it to the height that allows you to anchor and shoot in a consistent manner.
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