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Thread: Mpro cam

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    My conclusion is,im glad i have a 29dl..........

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    Quote Originally Posted by flytier17 View Post
    Being tall has its disadvantages too. I hit my head on a lot of things I didn't use to. I always get asked to reach high things. And just because i am tall, everyone thinks I am strong. When we seperate the breeding groups on our sheep farm, I always get volunteered to catch the 300lb. ram. My dad cheers me on from behind the gate.

    Like I said, I am still growing. I drew 29.5" before hunting season. After hunting season, I can now afford to change stuff on my bow. First thing I did was set the DL out 1/2". Now I need 2dz. more arrows!

    Since since you've outgrown your old ones can i have them?

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