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Thread: A bear snuck up on me.

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    Default A bear snuck up on me.

    I was elk hunting in Central Colorado last fall and I had a bear sneak up on me within 15-20 yards. I had heard some sounds earlier off to my right and thought it could be some elk walking up. So I crowched down to blend in with the grass and bush. I heard sounds behind me too but shook it off as just birds in the bushes.

    After 10 or so minutes I heard a twig snap rifht behind me so I slowly turned around. The forest was full of sound so I didn't want to make any sudden movements. After getting my head all the way around, there was a bear standing there just giving me the eye.

    Not worrying about making sudden movements anymore, I stood up real quick. After staring at each other for a while, I picked up a rock and tossed it on him and he took off.

    I was done hunting for day.

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    dam i would have **** myself.great it turned out the way it did.not got ugly.

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    Default Not quite the same but...

    My wife and I saw a rather large black bear this past Friday while driving west through the South Park valley, just past Antero Reservoir. It was sort of sitting on top of an old abandoned elevated railroad bed just before the long sweeping curve before highway 24 merges into 285. He was about 80-100 yards away from the highway with nothing around but open prairie so I got a real good look at him.

    I slowed some as we went past and decided to turn back to get a better look. As we were going back I saw him coming toward the highway in a slow run. We also noticed he was limping along, holding one of his front legs up while trying to run. Due to traffic coming from behind that hadn't seen the bear we had to go past a little before we could turn around again. While we were parked on the shoulder I got our digital camera out of a bag in the back of the truck so we could take pictures if we got the chance.

    By the time traffic cleared and we could turn around again the bear had crossed the highway and was headed up across the side of another low rolling hill. We pulled onto the shoulder and were able to get a couple of pictures, albeit at more distance then when we first saw him, while he paused to see what we were doing. After that he trotted off over the hill.

    A few things stood out in this event. First, this was the last place I would have expected to see a bear, being that it's pretty barren in this area even with the rains we've had recently that really greened things up. Second, this was a pretty large bear. Judging from how big other bears are that I have seen and known their approximate weight, I estimated this bruin to weigh somewhere about 300 pounds or better. I could only guess as to why he would have been in this area, but it seemed plausible that he was possibly going to the reservoir to scarf up on fish remains left by people who had cleaned their fish on the shore. This makes some sense considering the injury to one of his front paws or leg would make it more difficult to go after his usual prey animals and the fish heads and such could help sustain him.

    All in all it was a very interesting event. I hope the pictures turn out decent. If they do I might try posting them for others to see.
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