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Thread: Lack of "Martin shooters" at Nationals??

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    Default Lack of "Martin shooters" at Nationals??

    My wife had the pleasure of shooting side by side with Laura Francese (and placed three slots lower than her) and really enjoyed talking with her between ends. I was off keeping tabs on my two daughters who were shooting in Cub and Young Adult classes. Apparently they really chatted it up and Laura was really great about giving Mrs. Squid pointers and encouragement. ( Must be a "Martin Girl" thing... ) Mrs. Squid was really impressed with how nice Laura was, and how she really went out of her way to help the other ladies, she is a true credit to Martin!

    We were rather surprised at the lack of "Martin staff shooters" and just shooters with Martin bows in general, in attendance at Nationals.

    We could see there was; Laura, one of our own local shops' "signed" shooters, and then Mrs. Squid ("unsigned" but proudly shooting her Martin ShadowCat).

    It was kind of hard not to notice they were surrounded by "a sea of Read and White shirts" and lots of other great shooting ladies not wearing any manufacturers shirts.

    Not that I'm trolling to get Mrs. Squid sponsored, since I already purchased her a 2009 Mystic, already ordered locally and paid for, but has not come in yet...

    It seems that other manufacturers (Hoyt especially) is dropping a ton of sponsorships to saturate the line with their logos.

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    It's all about how many $$$'s a company is willing to spend on advertising, and that money has to come from somewhere. I'd rather see less sponsered shooters on the line and a more moderately priced product. Martin: leave well enough alone, you are doing fine.

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    When I was shooting spot around the Vermont New Hampshire circuit in the mid 90's . It seemed most shooters on the line back then also shot Hoyt. I was one of the few Martin shooters. I had some graphics made up for my limbs that said " Kick em where it Hoyts Shoot a Martin" it also sported a couple of apple cores on it. The Hoyt guys got a kick out of it.

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    i do agree somewhat, but if you figure the real cost of a pro series bow and martin had lets say 1 staff or sponsored shooter per state, add 1 for popular states and deduct for the not so popular states, your still looking at around $`15,000 to $18,000 a year for staff shooters more or less. id just like to see alot more martins out there. they do advertise in hunting mags and all but lets face it, it takes money to make money especially in this economy, word of mouth is not always enough, yeah its tough but, there is a martin dealer 10 miles from me and i went there and there were no martin staff shooters, all were matthews and hoyt guys. heck ive got some of my friends that shoot matthews and high country seriously looking at martins because of mine. what does it take to become a staff shooter? id do it. i just want to see more MARTINS!!!!
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    Perhaps Martin has as much business as they can/want to handle? Don't forget in the end it's still a business no matter how much they may love the sport, and they are going to make business decisions depending on what their goals for the company are.

    I could care less how many Martin bows are on the line. They make a good product at a competitive price and have a few models out there that fit me well - therefore I'm a Martin shooter. I don't compete, I have no desire to. I'm a hunter; I enjoy getting out in the woods every fall and matching my wits against those pesky whitetails. I shoot some 3D just to for the practice and an 8 is good enough for me. The thing is there are far more of me than the serious competitive shooter (at least in the USA), If you were Terry Martin, what group would you spend your advertising dollar on reaching? I don't know that I would be doing things much different than he is.
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    I've been giving this a lot of thought over the last 2 years. The first year I was at Vegas I wondered where all the Martin shooters were. They were there, its just that they all wore different color shirts or were not staff shooters.

    One of the things that was a real eye opener was that Hoyt PSE and Mathews paid huge contingency checks to the winners. Now it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize why the top shooters hover around Hoyt and Mathews and PSE.

    Now of course Martin could try to compete in that but I'm not sure they want to. Anyone can prove Martin bows are accurate so I think that's enough for them. It would be a significant investment to try and compete and I doubt it's worth it. They provide a fantastic product at a really good price. Dishing out cash would affect that price point.

    I think they could really highlight their Market saturation if they kept all their staff shooters shirts the same and handed out free T-shirts to every martin shooter on the line at the top three NFAA tournaments. I would guess they don't have quite as many shooters as the other three but it is a significant number. IMO of course.

    I wonder how many more tournaments Scott will have to place in before someone starts throwing big bucks at him?

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