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    I own a firecat and just recently bought a Rytera Triad. It is only a 50lb bow but I think I got a pretty good deal on it so I bought it anyway. I would like to upgrade it to 60 or 65 lbs. Where can I find these limbs? I also heard from a buddy that shoots elite that some elite limbs might work. Can anyone give this any credit for being true? If so what limbs? I may tear it down and make it a Frankenbow.


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    Elite can mean 2 things.

    #1 Martins Elite limbs. 17" long, with a recurvet tip profile; designed for the vertical limb designed bows.

    #2 Elite as in the bow company Elite. to that end, I know nothing about that, but I do know you will have a bit of a hard time to find the right deflection # for your TRIAD and cam system; unless someone has already compiled that info.


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    I may have misunderstood him I will have to talk to him to clarify what he meant. I thought because he shot elite that he meant an elite bow as in Elite archery. He may have meant the Elite Martin that you are speaking of.

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