Well, since you said you eat biscuits and don't shoot them,....

I posted the following for you to "tune" it!


Man, I just walked in from the GYM and I'm starving!!



I know what ya' mean when you said that is hard to pick or decide which rest to put on your bow. The truth is that everyone will recommend what had worked for them and is hard to choose specially 'cause you can't try them rests before buying them unless you have friends that lend you different rest for you to try. It's not like going to a shop/store and trying different bows.

Choose what you can buy within your budget. But I tell ya this, not all the most expensive stuff out there is the best and not all the cheapest are the crappiest ! Go to Cabelas or Bass Pro's websites and check the reviews from different models of rests and check out the features each offers. That can probably help you to decide which one to buy. Hope this can help!